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Yachting and ZX1


Winches being treated with Extralube ZX1 Super Grease

Team ZX1 are pleased to be able to supply our Extralube ZX1 Super Grease for the DONFENG TEAM preparing for the 2014 Volvo Round the World Yacht race to commence later this year. Follow them here. dongfengraceteam.cn                                                                                                 

Buying, mooring and maintaining our marine toy is very expensive and there is nothing more disappointing than being let down by a reluctant engine refusing to ignite, coughing and spluttering, billowing thick smoke that attracts the attention of everyone around you.

ZX1 Micro Oil Metal Treatment will solve this uncomfortable problem in just one application. 

ZX1 is a revolutionary British micro oil that has been developed for the offshore drilling industry to eliminate friction, increase power, improve reliability and economy and reduce the cold start wear and battery loading on marine engines.  Tested to the extreme in harsh environments by the 'Round the World Challenge Yachts', proven in racing and in many commercial applications ZX1 improves the performance of your marine engine.  ZX1 is available in a range of marine products, Micro Oil Metal Treatment, Supergrease, Pump Spray lubrication, for winterisation and corrosion guard and pin oilers for freezing seized components.

Treating your engine is simple, just add a small quantity of your ZX1 Micro Oil Metal Treatment  to your engine oil and it will thermo-chemically bond to the moving metal parts to create a micro-scopic protective layer.  Once treated the ZX1 stays working in your engine even after you change the oil as it is not an oil additive.

Reliably informed by Graham Tourell Artemis Ocean Racing Boat Captain - our Super Grease and ZX1 Micro Oil Metal Treatment  is benefiting the Skipper Jonny Malbon on board a new IMOCA open 60 racing solo around the world in the Vendee Globe race. Graham goes on to say " I would be happy to endorse your product, as I have been using it on all the projects I've been working on for 10 years now. .........the Super Grease is an ideal product to use as a winch grease, as it has the wide temperature range i.e. it doesn't get too runny in hot climates, or too thick in the Southern Ocean...........

Other applications around the boat include:

  • Lubricating hydraulic ram mounting pins,
  • Canting Keel heel pin,
  • Steering pedestal mechamism
  • Autopilot ram rose bearings 
  • Deck Gear servicing"

Graham Tourell December 2008

It is generally accepted that most wear occurs during start up because cold, viscous oil has not been circulated and bare metal surfaces are rubbing together, it may have been many weeks even months since your engine has been started – but by treating with ZX1 Micro Oil Metal Treatment you eliminate the problem of metal to metal contact and it follows that the workload of the oil is reduced thereby protecting the precious components within.

Our range of products have been endorsed by Chay Blyth

Sir Chay Blyth is a sailing legend. In 1971 he ignored warnings that he was taking on an ‘impossible voyage’ and became the first man to sail non-stop westwards around the world against the prevailing winds and currents.

"Felicita West" we are proud to have supplied lubricants for this beautiful yatch