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Barria DSP

Harley Davidson rebuild with ZX1

Dear Sir

Having used your ZX1 products now since early this year I felt I had to write and congratulate you on the performance of these products which have exceeded my expectations.
I had always been very sceptical of engine additives since using a well know product about 15 years ago which resulted in the formation of a mass of gelatinous sediments in the oil system and a blocked oil line. The fact that ZX1 is non-particulate was the reason that persuaded me to try it, along with the impressive ‘bearing test’.
Although I am practicing consultant radiologist my hobby is restoring and building old Harley Davidson motorcycles. All of your products: the ZX1 Extralube, C60 microlube (spray and concentrate) and Supergrease have all proved invaluable in building and running the two motorcycles I currently own. In addition to using the Extralube as an additive I also use it as an assembly lube. The C60 microlube is very useful for lubricating cables, loosening seized bolts (Harley Davidson machines have many steel to aluminium connections, which, when seized, can be extremely difficult to undo) amongst many other uses. It is too early to comment on the performance of the Supergrease which I use as a general purpose grease but will keep you posted.
Since putting the ZX1 Extralube in my BMW 325i the engine performance has noticeably improved with very prompt starting and smoother running. The most noticeable effect has been with petrol consumption, increasing from approximately 240m per tank to consistently over 300m per tank of urban driving. I recently took my family to Devon and a tank of petrol lasted the full journey (about 220m) and the travelling around over the weekend ( about 150m) and I still had just under one quarter ofof a tank of petrol elfdt when I filled the car for the return journey.
I wish you all the success you deserve with this great product.
Yours sincerely
Dr S G Johnson. Herts