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Products 35ml C76 Microlube - pin oiler for intricate mechanisms


Our C76 Micro Lube pin oiler, conveniently packaged, this little container is big on deliverance .......with no waste. Its precise pin nozzle allows you to apply our specially formulated industrial strength lubricant reinforced with ZX1 to intricate otherwise inaccessible locations.

Use to lubricate

·         Control Cables
·         Radio Controlled and scale models
·         Mountain and Racing Bikes
·         Hand and power tools

·        Knitting and Sewing Machines.. and 100's of other uses around the home and garden


     February 2014..


     Jane trialled our C76 Micro Oil on her 3 knitting machines and says " they are working beautifully.  The carriages run smoothly over the needle beds and I have loosened one button that seemed to be stuck fast by spraying it with your C60 Trigger spray.  All flippers and cams on the carriages are moving freely.  The Ribber attachment, which always used to scrape a bit now flies along!.  I am really impressed as it is by far the best and longest lasting lubricant I have tried".


     Mrs Ann Foster. Scotland says " "I have been using your C76 on my knitting machine and I really don't know how I managed before"

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35ml C76 Microlube - pin oiler for intricate mechanisms
35ml Micro Lube - £3.50