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Marine ZX1 applications


DONGFENG 2014 Volvo Around the World Yacht Race.




Team ZX1 are extremely proud of our growth within the marine industry.

  • ZX1 Super Grease typically prevents salt water ingress whilst protecting and prolonging component life in harsh environments and varied weather conditions
  • ZX1 Micro Oil Metal Treatment will treat and protect the petrol and diesel engines including outboard motors 
  • C60 Pump Spray and C76 Micro Lube Pin Oiler with supberb protection, cleaning and water/moisture displacing properties will prove invaluable under any engine cover especially when damp conditions prevail.
Notibly we have earned the respect of Chay Blyth CBE BEM, BT Global Challenge, possibly one of the toughest yacht races in the world!.


“....Having introduced the Challenge Skippers and crew to the ZX1 range of lubricants they now ask for the product by name from us as their preferred product.” “The ZX1 products performed far above expectation in all conditions. These varied from the hot humid weather of the Tropics to the freezing conditions of the Southern Ocean.”

Chay Blyth, CBE BEM Alistair Hackett LPM BT Global Challenge.


Yachting and ZX1

Commercial Shipping and ZX1