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Kawasaki 450 KXF

This is a summary and graph of the dyno report created by Damien Mathews sent to us in March 2011...

Please find attached the dyno test i did this week end.
To be the most correct possible I connected the Kawasaki EFI software to have the radiator temperature so for the two test I was basically at the same water temperature (I don’t have a oil temperature sensor on the bike)
The green test, was the bike with just my exhaust system. The red test is with the same configuration + ZX1 added in the oil and after ridding it for 10min on the dyno for it to act.
As you can see I also used a large band sensor to show the influence on the fuel consumption and the bike seems to run leaner with ZX1.
I unfortunelly ran out of time to do more test as my bike needs to be ready for a training in Italy this week end. I will do an other dyno test after this week end to see if there is any evolution after riding it more…
If you have any request or suggestions on how you would like the test to be done, please feel free to ask.
Best regards