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Barria DSP
1998 Honda VTR 1000f 125,000 kms
Having tried a variety of oil and fuel additives from many different manufacturers, I will admit to being a bit unsure as to whether ZX1 would do everything that was suggested it would… Other products seem to be doing well if they manage half of the claimed benefits.
It is now over a month since I treated my motorbike and I have no hesitation in saying that it has done everything you claimed it would and performed much better than I had initially anticipated.
·         It starts first crank, cold and no choke every time – even when the temperature is around 15 degrees.
·         There has been a noticeable reduction in engine rattle, which is a big deal in a large V Twin.
·         Performance has improved as well, not just in outright power, but also in smoothness of delivery.
·         Fuel economy has seen an improvement of close to 9%.
·         Chain stays shiny (lubricated) longer and rattles less.
·         Gearshifts have improved slightly and there seems to be less dropping out of second.
All of this on a 1000cc bike with over 125,000 kilometres on it!!!.
It is quite likely that these improvements will mean that the cost of the additive will be won back in much less than 12 months, on the basis of fuel savings and extended chain life.
This is a product I am more than happy to recommend and will be using in my other vehicles as is necessary.
Advertising Manager
Media Incorp