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Harley Davidson  lubricated with ZX1

Dear Sirs

I am writing to thank you for sending me four bottles of Extralube before my trip to Los Angeles. I used all the Extralube on my family’s vehicles. My auntie’s 1984 Chevrolet was the first to benefit from the treatment, then my two cousins’ Honda civics and finaly my uncle pleased with me to let him have my last bottle!
I have used ZX1 Extralube on my own family’s vehicles. I purchased four bottles from QVC and they went into the two Mercedes we own my very precious 1991 Harley Davidson and Fiat Cinquecento. I have noticed many changes in the way my motorcycle now rides.
·         The engine temperature has decreased by 20-30 degrees F, during my normal day to day riding. Great, since my engine is air-cooled and I spend a lot of time stuck in London’s traffic.
·         I can now get more miles out of my little 131 petrol tank
·         I have taken your advice and used ZX1 in my brake cylinders; petrol tank and rear drive chain. The motorcycle breaks a   lot more sharply and the ride is smoother. The bike seems to have more power.
·        The motorcycle starts instantly in the morning – even on cold ones
The list of benefits to my vehicles is endless: needless to saya that I am now ‘converted’ I will use ZX1 Extralube on all my vehicles, present and future.
Yours sincerely

B Delaforge. London.