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Compression Check Kawasaki ZX10 Motorcylce

Hi all

I first used ZX1 in an Armstrong m/cycle (ex army dispatch hack) and was seriously impressed with the way it smoothed out the vibes and made the thing easier to start,
Since then I have convinced several of my friends to try it and the most noticeable improvement to date was with a Kawasaki ZX10 m/cycle which had 48 thou on the clock.
We did a compression check before using the ZX1 and the readings were as follows:-
1.    No 1 Cylinder = 120 psi
2.    No 2 Cylinder = 115 psi
3.    No 3 Cylinder = 115 psi
4.    No 4 Cylinder = 120 psi
Book readings should be in the 145 area.
We did another check at 1000 miles after treatment and all readings had increased. Then a further check at 3000 miles and the readings had increased as follows.
1.    No 1 Cylinder = 132 psi
2.    No 2 Cylinder = 127 psi
3.    No 3 Cylinder = 127 psi
4.    No 4 Cylinder = 132 psi
Basically a uniform increase of 12 psi on each cylinder.
The owner of the ZX10 is very happy with the overall effect of using ZX1, easier starting, smoother running, useable power increase and better fuel economy.
Unfortunately we are unable to do any high mileage test on the bike as a nice lady driver right turned into front of the bike, which was written off ( the rider was, luckily, only bruised.)
Yours Sincerely

Robert Paul Bird