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I first started using ZX1 about 14 years ago now.  I saw it advertised on QVC, 2 bottles for £25.00. So I contacted a friend of mine who worked for BMW research and dvelopment and asked him about it as he is a bit of a boffin the type you would want on your quiz team!.

He got back to me a few days later telling me what a wonderful product it was and it was British, he made a BIG point about that.

So a few days later I got my 2 bottles, one for my bike and the other I thought I would stick in an old Austin A40, what the hell!!!.

Well I could not believe the difference int the A40 it was like someone had changed the engine when I was not looking.  It ran at lower RPM, sounded a lot better, had better MPG but the most amazing thing was it went!, I had trouble getting 60 mph out of her, now she was doing over 70mpg, I know that 70mph is not lightning speed but for my old A40 it was a small miracle.


Now over the past 40 odd years of playing with cars and bikes of all shapes and sizes I have seen and tried loads of things that's been brought out, it is either the latest or the best thing since sliced bread, some work a lot, some start off "ok" then the price goes up and the quality goes down or someone in a far of land says we can not use that any more becasue it is not environmently friendly, so we get something more expensive and does not work.

Apart from the small price rise which is not so bad after 14 years this still works.

Every car and motorcycle I have ever owned has always ahd ZX1 put in them, Engine, Gearbox, Shaft Drive, Fuel, and even added to the brake fluid on some.


That is why I am now ordering another 4 bottles, just brought a new bjke and I'm just about to do a service on my Rover which has 147,000 mile on it and still runs sweet as they come.  That reminds me one of my old Rovers 825 diesel with over 190,000 on the clock when I took for an MOT, the fitter even remarked at how well and quiet she ran for an old diesel and that was the year they brought our emission testing.


Its that good even my little brother uses is on his cars and bikes and he does not like parting with his money!!!!  love you really bruv.

Russell Evans September 2010